Tuesday, December 18, 2007

All for one

I used to illustrate a weekly series by Kitty Oliver that ran in Orlando's paper the Sun-Sentinel, portraying her rich cultural background as well as her experiences as an african-american woman.
I have a mixed-race background that is not obvious, but my mother had many a tale to share about race and class. As a result, any kind of discrimination- be it financial means or cultural history... these are personally passionate topics for me. It's hard not to pass judgements with first impressions- they are powerful. But as a recent phrase I heard said, ' read that book cover to cover'. I'll end with that, and a thank you for stopping by.

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jkg11218 said...

Hi Janet! I finally checked out your blog and am delighted! Your work is so beautiful-- I look forward to visiting and seeing new work! --Jill