Thursday, May 8, 2008

It don't gitmo better

I am in Cuba with the Canadian Press, covering Omar Khadr - detained in Guantanamo Bay. I was happy to get a fairly detailed drawing this time around. A new courthouse that will be used more frequently will truly be tough for any artist to draw; you sit behind a 3-pane window far away from the detainee, straining to draw.. fortunately Omar's commission was in the old building, where I can sit in the courtroom and not too far from him with no glass between us- so, so much easier to draw. Thanks to weekly figure drawing at the Hopper House, I feel like these went much smoother- the practice really helps.

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Lisa Stein said...

Wow Janet, amazing you're there again! Great work, I can see how your skills have been honed from the drawing sessions. Beautiful work, if one can say that for this situation.