Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kamin tribunal at Guantanamo Bay

I'm a little behind with posting to the blog.. so will catch up in increments. This is from last week's trip to Cuba. I had gone to draw the Canadian detainee Omar Khadr on Wednesday- see my earlier posting. That has been bumped until January 26th, so it's good I went and captured a recent image of this very important trial.
Since I was already on premises, the opportunity to capture any court activity is something I would not pass up. I had missed Ghailani, which went on at the same time as Khadr. However, the Kamin case came up Thursday. He chose not to attend the tribunal, so you see an empty chair, and the witness is one of the soldiers testifying about his behavior and lack of attendance. From there, very strong arguments were set forth by both sides. The biggest issue always seems to be about information- lacking, transparency, etc.
A reminder to check out Miami Herald's coverage of Guantanamo and the Defense Link site for up to date information.

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