Monday, January 19, 2009

A few more sketches

After the break, I decided to return to Court 1, where the Khadr tribunal was bringing in a witness, in this case a female interrogator, to testify. I managed to get that scene, having to erase her defining features per instruction, and also was able to get the group, in just the hour. Planned to return to Court 2 and draw the 9/11 tribunal but it was called to recess and will not be back on until Wednesday. Caught flat-footed, I ended up drawing the remaining Khadr proceedings off the monitor in the press room. They were showing some very damning footage of young Khadr making bombs, so I drew his reaction while it was showing. Tomorrow we convene back in court, and we are all waiting to see what the possible impact may be when Obama becomes President..

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