Monday, February 23, 2009

Charges dropped; Binyam Mohamad freed

I'll never forget this day; it was 2006 and I was not allowed to draw the detainee's features as this was the rule at the time. Yvonne Bradley, lawyer for Mr. Mohamad, was 'taking the 5th' and choosing not to speak for Mohamad so that he might speak for himself. There was resistance, tension, possible repercussions- but she prevailed, and Mr. Mohamad was allowed to finally speak. Read the Miami Herald report about his release HERE
and NYT report HERE
I drew this from the monitors- you can see me and several reporters (Carol Rosenberg of Miami Herald, Carol Williams of Los Angeles Times, Sara Hussein, several human rights lawyers, and some military personnel- not detailed, in the gallery.

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Joe Rocco said...

Is that Joaquin Phoenix on the right?