Monday, April 20, 2009

Report released details on waterboarding

It is a well-known fact that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has been subject to harsh interrogation techniques, but the number of times he has been waterboarded is notable; a reported 183 times. More on this at:
and the link to Miami Herald for all comprehensive Guantanamo coverage:
Or, as you can see, the CNN online splash page.


James Yanke said...

If the tables were turned, this 7th-century savage would have been chopping our heads off while making a video of it.
Water boarding is not a near-drowning technique. The subject is never in danger of drowning. And water boarding is not torture... no physical harm to the subject.
Kahlid Sheikh Mohammed is a bad guy, and US interrigators obtained valuable info from him using this technique- who cares how many times it took? It was up to him how long before he decided to cooperate, didn't have to be this way necessarily- apparently he clung stubbornly to a bad decision.

hamchat said...

Thank you for sharing your comments. True indeed, KSM would not have hesitated to do as you suggest. I know he has absolutely no remorse nor would he hesitate to repeat his actions given the opportunity, as he has often said time and again.