Saturday, May 5, 2012

911 arraignment in Guantanamo- sketches

A long day in gtmo court today, starting off with all four accused refusing to speak and later, going into prayer session in court. It was an image I could not pass up sketching.
I had a unique perspective in the morning, drawing from monitors that gave me the perspective seen from in front of the court rather than in back, where I'm usually sketching behind a thick glass window in the viewing gallery. I managed to get out 8 in the morning, then moved to the courtroom viewing gallery and captured 3 more, including victim family members flown in to watch the procedure. 
I have never sketched this many before- there were so many scenes I wanted to capture, so many worth capturing. KSM had dyed his beard a henna red, which was a little startling at first. That, and a female defense attorney attired in modest head-to-toe covering in deference to the detainee's beliefs.

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