Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sketching Guantanamo press release

Cover shot: Michelle Shephard

Fantagraphics Publishing press release on 'Sketching Guantanamo' went out yesterday; book due out around October of this year. 

This book exists thanks to the efforts of many- a foreward and editing by Carol Rosenberg of the Miami Herald, chapter opener on Omar Khadr by Michelle Shephard of the Toronto Star, contributions by Muna Shikaki/Al Arabiya, Jane Sutton/Reuters, Lt. Col Jon Jackson, released detainee Salim Hamdan and his court translator Charles Schmitz, a style guide layout by Greg Mann of Fibonnaci Design Group. AND THANKS to Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson for lining me up with Fantagraphics. 

Read release here:
Fantagraphics press release for 'Sketching Guantanamo

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