Friday, September 21, 2007

Martha, Moby and more

Hi all,
after a brief break I'm back again with a collection of digitally painted illustrations of celebrities I did for Wall Street Journal's weekend 'Hit List'. It's a challenging format, tall and thin, and getting the likeness, posture, etc is a challenge too. I'll do a litttle demo later to show the digital painting process I use. For now, have to go. Enjoy, and feel free to comment!

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Joe Rocco said...

I just saw this great caricature of Kirk Douglas that John Kricfalusi did for Film Threat Mag. Hope it shows up in this comment box. I'm embedding the code. If it doesn't work I'll e-mail to you. Knowing how you appreciate portraiture and caricature I know you'll enjoy this one.

Well, copy the code and paste in your locator. Should display the posted image.