Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Dancing, playing music, sports- movement- it's juicy stuff for an illustrator. I tried to draw what music might sound like coming up and out of the sax. A toothbrush dipped in watery black acrylic, then flicked on the drawing worked great. Then I took that same toothbrush after the spatter dried, and 'combed it' over the fixed charcoal drawing. It gave a nice washy tone that added to the motion. A few drops of gesso for highlights completed the image. It's a risk to take using spattering, etc but those 'accidents' can add a lot to the art.

Another way that is risk-free is to use photoshop. You can create your spatter on a seperate piece of paper, scan it in, and then bring it in as a new layer. In layer options choose 'multiply', and your layer becomes transparent- as if it were glass with paint on it. An excellant way to preserve a drawing yet paint on it. Try layering on top with various opacities, and you can get some very painterly results and color mixing!

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Joe Rocco said...

I love your spatter suggestion. Reminds me of a cooking show as I re-read this. I, personally, love the program Painter for my spatters when I'm on the go.