Friday, November 30, 2007

Lone wolf

This is a painting I did for a series on various wildlife in Long Island. It's painted traditionally with acrylic. To get the soft haze around the wolf's head, I painted water around it, then lightly dipped the color along the edges, allowing it to bleed out. It's a beautiful effect. For texture, you can toss salt on it. Excellent backgrounds for digital paintings too- do it on a blank board, save, and drop in as a layer in photoshop.
Recently I went from working in a group environment back to a solo studio. With the internet you're not really working in a vacuum anymore- there are tons of tools, visual inspiration, links and connections. Here is a site a friend of mine who used to teach at Dreamworks sent me- a portal to several tutorials and notable sites:

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Lisa Stein said...

Janet, your work is so incredibly beautiful! Glad you are finding visual connection to the world from your own studio. There is so much out there are not alone!