Saturday, August 16, 2008

Busy, busy.. on the lighter side

Sorry I've dropped off the blogosphere lately.. juggling courtsketches, books and life in between.
When I'm not in a courtroom- or a playground, for that matter- I've been working on a series of very lighthearted books targeted toward younger children on our body parts. It's really a fun series and I enjoy the lighter cartoony style. Here is one for the book on 'Eyes' showing color blindness.
This coming week, the Hopper House figure drawing sessions will be starting up again, so I'll be posting sketches from those.
I will also be posting some articles and links about the Guantanamo Bay commissions artwork.


Shauna Plain and Tall said...

Wow, I would have never know this was yours. So different then the usual stuff. I really like it!

hamchat said...

Hey Shauna,
Why thank you! Yes, this is the Yin to my Yang- it's really fun to play around with this very cartoony style. Glad you like it :)

Joe Rocco said...

Master of many many styles. You are the Mata Hari of the illustration world, my friend.