Sunday, August 24, 2008

Figure drawing started up again at Hopper House

We started off again after summer hiatus with a great attendance, and the debut of new drawing horses that I built. I based it on the ones we used to use at Art Center- simple wooden bench with resting back, much better than what we've been using. Thanks to a generous anonymous donation, I was able to purchase enough wood and supplies to make three- and still would like to make four more.
The model was Bobbi Golden, who always knows how to strike great successive poses. Next week we'll have another female model, and then I'll try to alternate and mix it up a bit. To see more about Hopper House figure drawing check out the link on my blog. Thanks for visiting!


Joe Rocco said...

It's appropriate that I'm looking at this reclining nudie at this ungodly hour. She's gorgeous as usual. I love your way around a charcoal stick or piece of graphite. I had 2 days off from Delfino and got a bunch of things done. Just got a spot illustration from Cincinnati Magazine to do for tomorrow. I can finally blog and e-mail and return calls again! Woo Hoo!

Elizabeth said...

Hey Janet,
That's gorgeous, wow, now I'm sad that I wimped out and didn't come on Thursday.
I will be there next week.
I will be there next week.
I will be there next week.