Wednesday, December 10, 2008

9/11 commissions

Here are more from Monday's court session, a big deal with families of victims from 9/11. I was concerned that they would feel I was being a predatory or opportunistic sketch artist, but found when I spoke with them that they were very open to me sketching them. Some were not, understandably, so kept out of view behind the curtain that separated media from them, and the folks who allowed me to sketch them sat out front. It was a little awkward perspectively to draw them at one angle while standing and balancing my board and materials, and then look through the glass windows and get Mohammad and 4 others in, all the while moving my pastel pile around. This being in part an excuse for sketches I'd hoped could have been a bit more polished- but you do what you can and have to live with it. I feel incredibly fortunate to be sketching these tribunals and working with the media and military. We'll be back in court on Friday for Omar Khadr's commission.


Lisa Stein said...

That's amazing Janet. It must be so strange and different having the families there. Quite historical work you are doing!

hamchat said...

Hi Lisa,
thank you... it really is. I'm looking forward to seeing you at 'The Elves' party.Maybe with all of us there- Ryan too- a plan can be made to get together outside.