Friday, December 19, 2008

Figure drawing 12-18-2008

It was the last session in 2008- and what a year it was indeed. These figure drawing sessions really are so good, to keep the skills dusted off and honed, as well as meeting other artists. Last night we had some amazing young artists come draw-young
and just deeply talented- all of us drawing for the joy of it. I have met many fine people while facilitating these sessions, and in the giving of my time, have received back in many unexpected ways. Perhaps the best part, is that I had no expectations other than getting myself to draw from the a model each week. Little did I know! From these sessions came an online teaching job for the Art Academy in San Francisco, curating my first show at Hopper House, and four calls back to Guantanamo- the practice of live drawing so essential for a court artist. To those who visit this blog, thank you, and my wishes for all to have a healthy and happy 2009.

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