Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bigfoot lives

This is a poster I did for my folk's shop near Mt. St. Helens, where Bigfoot has apparently been sighted several times. In fact, the shop even has a display of several Bigfoot footprint 'castings'.
You can see more about it here.
And a map with directions and phone number here.
You can camp out on the property and if you register the day before, do a glorious day hike up Mt. St. Helens and sit on the rim of the volcano.It's amazing. You can get directions to the trail and other info at the shop. Blair and Joyce Barner at North Fork Survivors have all the good stories and love company. So stop by for a visit if you're in the area!


Lisa Stein said...

What a cool poster! Is it one of a kind or copies for sale? I didn't know your folks owned a tourist shop. Wow, it is so beautiful there too, and didn't know it was now underground, that's wild!!!!

hamchat said...

Hey Lisa!
Yes, I have posters.. and they make mugs and postcards too. I wanted to go for the old horror movie look with a little campy quality as well. Glad you like it!

Malashicage said...
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