Friday, February 8, 2008

Importance of education

Today's NYT has an article about a Jewish principal improbably brought into a Bronx school that was deemed failing and violent. He has turned it around; read about it by cutting and pasting this link:

I had done this piece about the importance of education, and to those who have chosen to teach and love it, you have my great
respect and appreciation.


Anonymous said...
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Joe Rocco said...

Could the comment from Kele be any more cryptic? ok...I think she/he was trying to be helpful regarding the link you provided. English is obviously not their first language, so I'll refrain from being any more critical than that.

I would say that all you need to do is highlight the word that you want to make a link for and then use the link symbol at the top of your posting window to make it linkable to the address you pasted here originally. That should about do it. I know of another way that involves pasting a simple code, but I'm sure the new linking button feature is your ticket.

hamchat said...

thanks Rocco! You Rock. I'll try it on my next post!