Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Following up- my SLJ cover and interior spread finishes

Earlier in my blog I told you about how this job came to me via email while I was on a trip in China with just my laptop and iPhone on hand. Thankfully I always carry a charcoal pencil to sketch with. This was a job I just could not say no to- Jonathan Kozol writing on the differences in education for rich versus the poor. The art director, Mark Tuchman, is terrific to work with. He was willing to take the extra steps and provided me with ample reference, quick feedback, and a cover concept that required the main figure to be in color while the rest of the background remained sketchy black and white. 
So, armed with my charcoal pencil, I sketched away, shooting my sketches with my iPhone, uploading, and emailing, with a 12-hour time difference from various China hotspots. Once they were approved I was able to upload and digitally paint the sketches with photoshop and my laptop trackpad. A little challenging, but it actually forced me to loosen up, which worked well here. 

Mark then took my work and added his design magic. I am thrilled with the collaborative results.

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